Andrew's FB Holden

This was taken the day I got it, I bought it from a guy who lived near Hahndorf on June 1st 2007.

He had only had it about 5 months, he bought it from a guy who lived down south somewhere.

He had put 3 months reg on and when he tried to drive it the clutch was dead so he

covered it over and lost interest in it.

This was taken after I had given it a good clean, fixed the clutch and

changed the wheels and number plates

This was taken at GM day in 2008. This was the car's crowning glory and it wasn't

long after this I decided to pull it down to do some rust repairs.

Motor coming out 17 April 2009 as it was starting to get smokey, especially under load.

It still ran like a swiss watch and I would've confidently driven it anywhere, but while it was

off the road thought we might as well do it. If you look carefully you can see all the

rust in the subframe!

This is the colour of choice for mine. Colleen green, absolutely fell in love with it the

first time I saw it.

This is showing the new motor in.